Ashland, Kentucky

Steven Schletker has represented river based workers for more than 20 years. Whether you are working as a deck hand, pilot or other crew member, or working on a dock, Steven Schletker is available to represent your interests.

Schletker Law does not handle criminal cases, bankruptcies or property matters. His focus is on person injury. Steven Schletker concentrates on river injury cases. He also represents persons who have been injured in motor vehicle collisions. Another emphasis of Steven Schletker’s law practice is representing overseas civilian contractors for the United States government. Because of how Congress has implemented the Defense Base Act, overseas civilian contractor injury cases are handled in a very similar manner to Longshore (dock worker) cases. A truck driver injured in Afghanistan while working for the Defense Department will have his/her claim handled by a U. S. Department of Labor Claims Examiner just as a dock worker at Marathon Ashland.

Running along the banks of the Ohio River, Ashland, Kentucky is a vital economic center for northeast Kentucky. Now home to over 21,000 residents, Ashland’s roots date back to 1786 and the migration of the Poage family. The Poage family settled their home along the Ohio River. It remained an extended family settlement until the mid 1800s. In 1854, the Poage family partnered with a group of industrialists. The city’s industrial base began to expand culminating in the creation of the Kentucky Iron, Coal, and Manufacturing Company. Engineer Martin Hilton was hired to create plans for the town. Upon his suggestion the town was renamed Ashland to honor Henry Clay’s Lexington home. For the first half of the 20th century major employers in Ashland included Armco, Ashland Oil and Refining Company, C&O Railroad, Allied Chemical and Dye Company and Mansbach Steel. Today, with the production of steel still an economic staple for Ashland, companies such as AK Steel employ many of the citizens of Ashland.

Located along the Ohio River where Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia meet, Ashland provides views of rolling hills and flowing waters. A variety of social activities in Ashland revolve around water activities on the Ohio River. Boating, skiing, fishing, and swimming are just a few of the water activities enjoyed by residents and visitors of Ashland.

Although the river provides commercial and recreational opportunities for Ashland residents, it also presents potential danger. Working on a tow boat or dock is difficult and dangerous. If you are injured while working as a deck hand, you will probably not be covered under Kentucky Workers’ Compensation. Injured tow boat crew members are likely covered by the federal Jones Act and General Maritime Law. To collect a full array of damages against your employer, you will need to establish fault on the part of your employer. Doing so is often difficult. River employers employ very skilled claims personnel, insurance adjustors and defense lawyers. Don’t go up against them alone. You can call Steven Schletker at 800-254-7487 for a free consultation. No retainer fee is owed. You will not owe a fee unless he successfully prosecutes your case.