Ashtabula County, Ohio

Ashtabula County, Ohio - Admiralty, Maritime, Jones Act, Longshore, River Injury Attorney

Steven Schletker represents workers who were injured while working on or near the navigable waters of Lake Erie. Persons who work at a Lake Erie dock loading or unloading vessels frequently perform cumulative repetitive manual labor. Dock workers do not have to suffer an acute, one time accident to institute a Longshore worker’s compensation claim. Steven Schletker has represented numerous dock workers who maintain successful Longshore claims based upon repetitive trauma to the hands, wrists, shoulders or back. In a typical claim, the Longshore worker’s physician will be asked to offer an opinion whether the work on the dock aggravated, exacerbated or worsened a condition.

If you are faced with an acute injury, or cumulative trauma condition while working on or near Lake Erie, Steven Schletker can help provide the guidance to pick up the pieces. As expenses begin to accumulate you need an experienced attorney to guide you through the litigation process. Steven Schletker provides focused, individualized representation to create a claim that is specific to each client’s needs.

Residents of Ashtabula, and other Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia counties have relied on Steven Schletker for assistance for more than 20 years. Here are a few reasons that injured parties seek help from Steven Schletker:

  1. Steven Schletker understands that when an accident occurs, the injured party is faced with many decisions that may be confusing but are very important. By working with clients Steven Schletker helps alleviate some of the confusion and sets out a course for the client.
  2. Steven Schletker works personally with each client. When you work with Steven Schletker you will receive one on one contact with him, instead of being shuffled between office staff members.
  3. Steven Schletker has a focused practice and has successfully prosecuted personal injury claims for more than 20 years.
  4. There is no charge for an initial consultation with Steven Schletker.

Located on the shore of Lake Erie, Ashtabula boasts beautiful beaches and incredible views. As Ohio’s largest county, Ashtabula rests atop glacial beaches and is covered with grape vines. Ashtabula provides recreational activities for all ages and is home to award winning wineries and legendary covered bridges.

Ashtabula County expands across 30 miles of Lake Erie shoreline. Residents and visitors to Ashtabula County use Lake Erie for boating, swimming, skiing, fishing, and other waterfront recreation. While the majority of activity on the lake is safe and enjoyable, the unfortunate reality is that accidents occur. Ashtabula County dock workers’ are similarly exposed to risks of unpredictable weather and lake conditions. When an accident occurs it may be difficult for a person to know what steps to take to ensure he/she receives adequate compensation. This is why it is essential to find someone to represent you who has experience in these types of claims. Steven Schletker has worked on personal injury claims and maritime injury worker claims for more than 20 years.

Steven Schletker receives no payment until your claim is successfully prosecuted. Call 800-254-7487 to discuss your claim and protect your rights.