Athens County, Ohio

Athens County, Ohio – Ohio River, Workers’ Compensation Lawyer. Admiralty, Maritime, Jones Act, River Injury Attorney

Steven Schletker grew up along the Ohio River. He has worked for many years helping injured workers obtain the compensation they deserve. As the son of a tow boat captain, Steven Schletker understands the challenges that come from working on the Ohio River. If you or a family member have been injured on the job, Steven Schletker can offer assistance. He will work with you to obtain reasonable and just compensation.

When a river worker is injured, there is a need for an attorney who understands nuances of the federal law. If a deck hand, engineer or pilot had to match wits with a lawyer about working on the river, how to lay a double up wire or take a cut of barges through a lock, the river worker would do quite well. However, if the injured river worker is required to match wits with a claims adjustor or company safety man about the technicalities of Jones Act or general maritime law, that is a different matter. It is difficult enough to deal with a back injury, hearing loss, knee surgery or other work related injury on the river without having to deal with issues of maritime law.

When a worker is injured on the Ohio River, he/she should consider the need to retain an experienced maritime attorney to process the claim. Steven Schletker understands the process that occurs after a river worker is injured on the job.

Located in the foothills of Southeast Ohio, Athens County is home to Ohio University and Hocking College. Athens County provides its residents and visitors with exceptional arts and music along with vibrant shopping and dining experiences. Athens provides exciting attractions in the outdoors in its woods and along the river. Hunting, kayaking, bouldering, hiking, and biking are just some of the many outdoor activities that Athens County has to offer.

Its location along the Ohio River has allowed Athens County residents to develop an array of industries including salt production, coal mining, timber harvesting, and farming. Many Athens County citizens have found opportunities working on or near the Ohio River as dock workers, deck hands, engineers, and tow boat captains. Working on or near the Ohio River increases the chances of a work related injury. When you are injured on the job you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other damages. For over 20 years, injured river workers have sought help from Steven Schletker after maritime accidents to ensure they receive adequate compensation.

If you have been injured on the job you should protect yourself. Steven Schletker will seek reasonable and adequate compensation on your behalf. Hiring an attorney does not mean you cannot return to work on the river. Steven Schletker often works with injured river workers to get them back on the job.

Call 800-254-7487 to discuss your claim today. There are no upfront costs or fees. A retainer payment is not required. Steven Schletker receives payment only when your claim is successfully prosecuted. Protect your rights to compensation.