Belpre, Ohio

Belpre, Washington, County, Ohio – Steven Schletker handles cases for workers injured on the Ohio River in the Belpre area. Jones Act Attorney for Ohio River Injuries, Longshore claims and tow boat worker cases.

Steven Schletker comes from a river family. He understands what it is like to earn your living working on a tow boat. The job is difficult and dangerous. When a client contacts Steven Schletker about a river injury, care is taken to determine the desired result. Sometimes an issue is best resolved by working behind the scenes to help a worker return to the job. Sometimes an injured worker’s interests are best protected by filing a federal law suit or Longshore claim. Steven Schletker understands that good river jobs are hard to come by. River companies have increasingly taken the approach that if you are not 100% recovered from a work injury, they do not want you back. Steven Schletker will work with you to maximize your recovery if your employer does not want you back.

If you are injured on a tow boat or dock in the Belpre area, what are your rights? What type of claim should be filed? Steven Schletker will work with you to identify the type of claim you have. A dock worker injured in Ohio files his/her claim with the United States Department of Labor in Houston, Texas. If you live in Belpre but work in Parkersburg, your claim is filed with the United States Department of Labor in Baltimore, Maryland. Schletker Law has assisted injured river workers for more than 20 years. He understands the nuances of the claims and will point you in the correct direction.

Belpre, Ohio is located on the Ohio River near the mouth of the Little Kanawha River. The city was originally named Belle Prairie meaning Beautiful Prairie. It was the second settlement of the Northwest Territory. Belpre was the site of the Northwest Territory’s first library and has the oldest open air market in Ohio dating back to 1799. The city’s location on the Ohio River provided the means to deliver goods and services to markets throughout the region. Today’s residents of Belpre enjoy fishing, boating, picnicking near covered bridges and hiking the Ohio River trails when not working to care for their families. Belpre’s average household income in 2009 was $29,358. The average commute to work was 17.5 minutes, crossing 19 bridges in the city to do so. Up to 11% of Belpre’s population works in industries such as installation, maintenance and repair. Laborers and material movers are often directly associated with the Ohio River. The Ohio River has been a tremendous aid in the economic expansion of Belpre. However, the use of the river also brings about injuries and accidents on the job. Schletker Law has assisted injured river workers recovering from accidents for more than 20 years.

After an accident medical bills, mortgage payments, and other expenses begin to pile up. You can feel helpless. Schletker Law works with each client to help remedy his/her specific problems and focus on bringing about a solution.

For Belpre residents and those living in the surrounding communities, daily life is defined by their work. Many families are raised by tow boat captains, engineers, deckhands, and other crew members working for river companies located in the area. Local employers include AEP River Transportation, Martin Marietta, Americas Styrenics, Eramet Marietta Inc. and Belpre Sand and Gravel. Those working on the river understand that serious injuries can happen in a matter of seconds. Company safety workers, claims personnel and defense lawyers will work together to minimize the amount that your employer has to pay. Schletker Law works with clients to ensure adequate compensation is provided.

Schletker Law represents clients on personal injury, work injury, and other maritime accident claims. Tow boat crew members are likely covered by the Jones Act and General Maritime Law. A Jones Act crew member is entitled to receive maintenance (a daily stipend based upon the cost of replacing the room and board provided on the boat) and cure (reasonable and necessary medical treatment) without proving the company at fault. To obtain additional benefits the river worker has to prove that the company was at fault. Steven Schletker will work with you to identify the acts and omissions that contributed to your injury. Steven Schletker has the experience, passion, and ability to provide you with the assistance you need.

If you have been injured while working on the river, representation is essential to ensure that your rights are protected. Call Steven Schletker for a free consultation of your claim at 859-491-3999 or toll free at 800-254-7487. Protect your rights.