Jackson County, West Virginia

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Working on the river in Ravenswood and the Jackson County area is difficult and dangerous. Weather patterns and river currents are unpredictable in this part of the Ohio River. Given the nature of the work, injuries are an unfortunate part of the equation. Steven Schletker has been practicing Longshore, Admiralty, Maritime, and river injury law for more than 20 years. He works with individuals who have been injured while working on the Ohio River or using the Ohio River recreationally. Unfortunately, injuries happen. When they do, the injured river worker can benefit greatly from the assistance of an experienced attorney. Steven Schletker is a passionate advocate for his clients. He seeks to put the injured party back in the position he/she would have been had an accident not occurred. After an injury, returning to your normal life may not be possible. However, by obtaining legal representation you have a better chance of obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Employees who work on the Ohio River are subject to an increased risk of harm. When accidents occur on the docks or on a tow boat, they tend to be of a very serious nature. River based employees all too frequently suffer injuries such as ligament tears to the knee, shoulder impingement and herniated discs.

After a worker is injured, determining what steps to take can be confusing. For more than 20 years, Steven Schletker has been advocating for his clients. He will help create a plan of action after an injury occurs. If you or a family member has been injured in an accident on the Ohio River you should take great care to protect your rights.

Jackson County was formed in 1831. It is named in honor of Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States. Each year Jackson County hosts a variety of festivals and outdoor attractions. It is home to museums, covered bridges and river based activities. The river tends to be the center of commerce and industry.

Many residents of Jackson County work on or near the Ohio River. Jackson County companies frequently use the Ohio River to take their products to market. Transporting coal and other products in barges requires a skilled work force. Jackson County has long been a source of a skilled maritime work force for the inland river system. Companies such as Martin-Marietta Materials and Century Aluminum employ a large number of Jackson County residents on and near the river. These workers do not have to be on a tow boat throwing a line or loading barges to be covered by federal laws such as the Longshore Act. If a worker, for example, maintains a conveyor belt that takes product to or from a barge, he/she may be a Longshoreman. Workers’ compensation benefits available under the Longshore Act frequently exceed those available under state workers’ compensation laws. While the opportunity for employment on the river sparks economic growth, it also subjects workers to severe danger. If an accident occurs, it is essential to protect yourself. River companies start working on their defense immediately after an accident. They will devote a great amount of time and money to minimizing their loss. You can help even the odds by calling Steven Schletker.

Steven Schletker has been working with clients who were injured on the Ohio River for more than 20 years. He works individually with his clients to identify the proper plan of action for the claim. If you were injured on the Ohio River, Steven Schletker will be glad to discuss your case. Initial consultations are free of charge. Call 800-254-7487 to discuss your claim.