Middleport, Ohio

Middleport, Ohio – Lawyer representing Middleport and Meigs County deckhands and other crew members hurt on the Ohio River. Attorney handling claims for injured river workers, Jones Act crew members and Longshore workers.

Middleport, Ohio has the largest population in Meigs County, Ohio with 2525 residents. Located on the Ohio River between mile markers 251 and 256, the city was so named because it was the middle port between Cincinnati, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1798 by migrating New Englanders and Revolutionary War veterans, Middleport embraced German émigrés, secreted run-away slaves on the Underground Railroad and repelled Morgan’s Raiders. Middleport has produced three Medal of Honor recipients. Located one block from the river, Downing House (now a Bed & Breakfast) is on the National Registry of Historic Places. It has seen its share of historic events, high river levels and tall tales, as Mark Twain visited friends there. Middleport’s leaders recognize the importance of the Ohio River in their town with historical murals throughout the downtown district and the Wednesday “Lunch Along the River” events.

For Middleport residents and for those living in the surrounding communities daily life is focused around the Ohio River. Families are raised by people who make their living working as tow boat captains, deckhands, engineers, and crew members. River related companies located in the area include AEP River Transportation, Century Aluminum, Ohio Valley Electric, Shelly Materials, Martin Marietta, Gatling Coal Company and the Letart Corporation.

Men and women who earn their living on the river perform hard labor on a daily basis. The work is dirty. The work is dangerous. Given the nature of the work it is an unfortunate fact that crew members are going to be injured. Those injured working on the Ohio River, Kanawha River or other navigable waterways near Middleport will need an attorney who understands the Jones Act, Longshore Act and General Maritime Law.

If you are injured on the river, you need to make sure that you receive proper medical attention. River companies want to involve themselves in the process of selecting your doctor. It is not unusual for claims managers to direct an injured worker to the medical provider of their choosing. You have the right to select your own treating physician. While the river company may, under certain circumstances, be able to select a defense medical examiner to evaluate your medical condition, you get to select your own treating doctor. You make that choice, not the river company or insurance adjuster.

It is helpful to consult with an attorney who understands the steps an injured river worker should take to protect himself/herself. The initial consultation with Steven Schletker is free. There are no upfront costs or fees. Steven Schletker is paid only if he successfully prosecutes your case. No retainer is required. Steven Schletker will be glad to review your case to see what steps may be necessary to protect your rights. If you have been injured on or near the river, call Steven Schletker toll free at 800-254-7487 to discuss your case.