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The law office of Steven Schletker helps injured Jones Act crewmembers get the medical treatment they need. Employers and insurance carriers frequently do not provide work injury related medical care to the extent required by law. An injured Jones Act seaman whose wages have been reduced or eliminated can hardly be expected to pay for specialist appointments, diagnostic testing, physical therapy, surgeries, and medications. The obligation to provide reasonable and necessary medical treatment falls upon the employer/shipowner. The United States Supreme Court has held that a shipowner’s liability for medical “cure” is among the most pervasive of all and is not to be defeated by restrictive distinctions nor narrowly confined. Attorney Steven C. Schletker will work with you to get the medical care you deserve.

We have a broad based network of independent medical, vocational and maritime experts, economists, investigators and accident reconstruction teams who can be retained to assist with your case. Our experts have successfully navigated around obstacles maritime employers set in the path of injured deckhands, pilots, cooks and engineers.

The law office of Steven C. Schletker has experience helping families work through maritime wrongful death cases. We offer guidance and comfort at the worse moment in a family’s life. Getting answers regarding the death of your loved one is vital to moving forward. We can help you get those important answers. We treat our clients as if they were family members.

Our office looks out over the Ohio River and the Port of Cincinnati. We see unsafe pleasure boat and watercraft operation on a daily basis. The speed at which some boat operators travel through the harbor is daunting. Some pleasure craft operators fail to appreciate the dangers associated with boating on the river. Passengers on rivers and lakes can have a leisurely cruise transform into a catastrophic accident in a matter of seconds. Attorney Steven C. Schletker has handled pleasure boat cases in which serious injuries and deaths have occurred. Depending on the circumstances, pleasure boat injury cases may be filed in state or federal court. Steven C. Schletker has experience handling boating injury cases in both state and federal court. Experience is invaluable to a maritime lawyer.

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