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Maritime workers in Paducah, Owensboro, Toledo, Sandusky, Huntington and Cincinnati face different challenges than deckhands working on the coast. Custom and practice on the Ohio River, Kanawha River and on the Great Lakes frequently differ from procedures on the high seas. Covington maritime injury lawyer, Steven C. Schletker has focused his practice on the representation of maritime workers injured throughout the Midwest.

He is dedicated to treating injured seaman fairly and with respect, as is the custom in the Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. Because Steven Schletker is centrally located within his practice region, he is available to meet personally with his clients throughout the pendency of the case. In-person attention to detail helps get the best possible results.

Damages Available to Injured Seamen

After suffering a serious injury on the river or Great Lakes, injured maritime workers need funds to get their lives back together. Covington maritime injury lawyer Steven Schletker will work with the injured river worker to collect past lost wages and a fair amount for the reduction of the injured worker’s future earnings capacity. Steven Schletker will also pursue medical expenses and a fair amount for the injured seaman’s pain and suffering. In some cases, vocational rehabilitation or money to return to school may be obtained, in addition to a cash recovery.

Over 30 Years of Experience Representing Injured Maritime Workers in the Midwest

Schletker Law carries forward the Schletker family tradition of work on the inland waterways. Founded by Steven Schletker, Schletker Law focuses on representation of Jones Act seamen, deckhands, engineers, mates, and tow boat crew members injured on the Ohio River, Lake Erie, Kanawha and other inland waterways, docks and ports. Steve's grandfather, Lt. Commander Arthur J. Schletker, was master of the Coast Guard Cutter Greenbrier and piloted excursion vessels on the Ohio River including the Belle of Louisville and the Delta Queen. Steve's father, Robert L. Schletker, piloted LST’s during WW II and worked for most of the next 45 years for towing companies on the Ohio River. Steve's brother Robert L. Schletker, Jr., is a marine engineer.

If you have been injured on the Ohio River, Lake Erie, Kanawha River or other navigable waterway in the greater Cincinnati, you will need a Covington maritime injury lawyer who understands the Jones Act and Maritime law. The Jones Act, and General Maritime Law are complex. It is in your best interest to retain an experienced attorney who has represented injured maritime workers.

Steven Schletker has concentrated his practice on the representation of injured deckhands and Jones Act crewmembers since graduating from the University of Kentucky College of Law in 1983. Inquiries from Jones Act employers, tow boat companies and dock companies will not be accepted. Steven Schletker will not accept a case for an employer or insurance company. He will however, be glad to speak to an injured worker about how best to protect his or her rights.

Car and Truck Accidents

If you are involved in a car or truck collision it is important that you protect yourself from the accident scene to the day your case is tried or settled. Never admit fault at the scene of the accident. Both Kentucky and Ohio are comparative fault jurisdictions. It may be that your driving in some way contributed to the collision but the other driver may be at fault as well. Unless the accident is very minor, you should avoid making statements such as "I am not injured". Many injuries take several hours to several days to start producing pain.

To start your car or truck injury claim correctly, contact the Law Office of Steven Schletker. We will walk you through the process with skill, dedication and compassion. Steven Schletker has more than 30 years of experience representing persons injured in motor vehicle accidents. No fee is owed unless there is a recovery.

For a free legal consultation with a car or truck accident lawyer call (859) 491-3999.

Covington Kentucky Maritime Injury Lawyer

Steven Schletker is licensed in Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. He handles Ohio River and tributary river cases from Paducah, Kentucky to Parkersburg, West Virginia. He also represents numerous injured workers along Lake Erie ports from Toledo, Ohio to Conneaut, Ohio.

Injured workers are frequently surprised by how willing an employer is to forget an excellent and long standing work record. Most tow boat and dock companies operate under the philosophy of “what have you done for me lately.” While you would think giving the tow boat or dock company the best years of your work life would cause them to protect you if you are injured, this is frequently not the case. The defense of your claim will likely be turned over to an insurance adjustor or defense lawyer who neither knows nor cares about your excellent work record.

The first step in protecting yourself is to contact an experienced attorney who regularly practices Jones Act, General Maritime Law, and river cases. Your initial consultation with Steven Schletker is free. There are no upfront costs or fees. A retainer payment is not required. Steven Schletker receives payment when he successfully prosecutes your case.

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