Cabell County, West Virginia

Cabell County, Huntington, West Virginia – River Injury Lawyer. Longshore Attorney. Dock Worker, Tow Boat Injuries

If you are injured while working on a dock or tow boat in the Huntington, Cabell County, West Virginia area, Steven Schletker is available to help protect your rights. Steven Schletker comes from a river family. His father worked for tow boat companies that ran the northern Ohio River through Cabell County. He knows the pressure that is put on a family by having a bread winner who works on the river. The job is difficult and dangerous. When the river worker is injured, it is important to seek representation from someone who knows the job, the area and the law.

Steven Schletker is licensed in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. He is experienced in personal injury and employment injuries that occur on the Ohio River. Injured workers along the Ohio River have trusted Steven Schletker for over 20 years when they need representation. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Steven Schletker works individually with each client to create a remedy that is right for them.
  2. Steven Schletker has successfully prosecuted river injury claims for more than 20 years. He will fight to obtain payment of damages that are due to you.
  3. Steven Schletker understands the risks involved with working on the river and seeks to represent clients who have been injured and deserve compensation.
  4. Steven Schletker is a passionate, dedicated attorney who actively advocates for his clients to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.

Cabell County is home to Huntington, West Virginia. It sits at the confluence of Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. Cabell County’s prime location and development of the river system has enabled the city to expand economically since its organization in 1809. Cabell County is named for William H. Cabell, the Governor of Virginia from 1805 to 1808.

Approximately 97,000 people live in Cabell County. Many of those people work on or near the Ohio River as tow boat workers, Longshoremen and in other maritime positions. Individuals who work on the Ohio River understand the challenges that are involved in transporting products up and down the Ohio River. Docks, landings, and terminals are located along the Ohio River providing job opportunities for the residents of Cabell County. Additionally, Cabell County’s location along the Ohio River provides the opportunity for its residents to enjoy aquatic recreational activities.

While working on the Ohio River is a positive experience, the labor is difficult and dangerous. If you are injured working at the Ohio River Terminals repair shop or tipple, you may be covered by the federal Longshore Act and not by West Virginia state Workers’ Compensation. Even if you are not injured on a boat, barge or pier on the water, you may still be eligible for federal Longshore benefits. Workers who assist with any aspect of the loading or unloading process may fall under the Longshore Act. Steven Schletker has worked with dock workers in West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky for more than 20 years. A detailed review of your job duties is required to determine which compensation system applies. Steven Schletker will consult with you for free to determine if federal maritime, Jones Act or Longshore Act laws apply.

If you or a family member has been injured on the Ohio River, call Steven Schletker for a free consultation. Steven Schletker receives payment only when he successfully prosecutes your claim. Call 800-254-7487 to speak with Steven Schletker about your claim.