Pomeroy, Ohio

Pomeroy, Ohio - Attorney for Ohio River Workers, Longshoremen and Jones Act Seamen.

Pomeroy is the county seat of Meigs County, Ohio and has a population of 1,966. The town was named for early settler Samuel Wyllis Pomeroy. Located on the Ohio River between mile markers 248 and 251, Pomeroy has an active river community. The Bridge of Honor, also known as the Pomeroy–Mason Bridge, is a new cable-stayed bridge over the Ohio River. Pomeroy was originally a coal town. The first coal mine opened in 1819 and the first coal barges on the Ohio River were loaded there. Salt mining and two bromine factories also brought industry to Pomeroy. Life still revolves around the river in Pomeroy. Many people make their living as tow boat captains, pilots, engineers, deckhands, and other crew members. River companies located in the area include Ohio Valley Electric, AEP River Transportation, Gatling Coal Company, Shelly Materials, Century Aluminum, and Letart Corporation . It is an unfortunate reality that many working on and near the river will be injured within the scope of their employment. Those injured working for businesses on the Ohio River, Kanawha River or other navigable waterways, will need an attorney who understands the Longshore Act, Jones Act, and General Maritime Law.

Landings, terminals, and docks dot the banks of the Ohio River throughout the Pomeroy, Ohio area including local landmarks like the McDonald courtesy dock, Kentucky Fried Chicken courtesy dock, and the Wildhorse dock. Boat workers who are injured on the job may find it difficult to deal with insurance company adjusters and other trained claims personnel. It is helpful to be represented by someone who understands the life of a river family and knows maritime law.

Steven Schletker is licensed to practice law in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. He is an experienced legal professional who represents workers, not companies. River companies have claims personnel who represent their interests every day of the week. Employers also have the benefit of trained insurance professionals from companies such as Liberty Mutual, FARA, Signal Mutual Administration and CNA. If the in-house river company claims team and insurance company claims specialist run into problems, the employer will hire a highly trained maritime lawyer. The odds are stacked strongly against an injured river worker being able to compete with claims personnel who handle injury cases every day for a living. Hiring an experienced maritime lawyer helps even the odds.

Inland marine cases arising from work on the Ohio River or Kanawha River are different than blue water cases involving ocean going crew members. The type of work is different. Inland river industry practices and customs are different than those seen on the coasts. Injured workers often find it helpful to work with attorneys who are experienced with handling inland river rather than blue water (ocean) injury cases. Access to experts and medical personnel are often dependent upon regional customs and practices. Steven C. Schletker has been practicing maritime, Jones Act and Longshore cases in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia for more than twenty-five years. Let him go to work for you.