Cincinnati Boating Injuries Lawyer

If you have been injured on the Ohio River in the Cincinnati area, contact maritime attorney Steven Schletker. Steve handles cases for persons injured at work on the Ohio River and while participating in recreational boating activities.

Cincinnati Boating Injuries

If an accident occurs on a commercial towing vessel the United States Coast Guard typically performs an investigation. If a recreational boat operator (speed boat, fishing boat, jet ski, etc.) on the Ohio River is involved in an accident jurisdiction for the investigation falls to the states. The Ohio Division of Natural Resources or Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife investigate deaths and injuries occurring on the Ohio River.

Fortunately, the vast majority of boating accidents on the Ohio River do not involve death or catastrophic injury. Although an injury may not be life threatening, it may nevertheless be serious and permanent. Most of these accidents are not reported to state or federal authorities.

When Must a Boating Accident Be Reported

The United States Coast Guard (commercial vessel accidents, towboat and barge accidents), the Ohio Division of Natural Resources (recreational boating accidents) and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife (recreational boating accidents) have rules designating when accidents must be reported. If you have been injured in a boating accident on the Ohio River contact Steven Schletker to discuss what the vessel operator is required to do. Steve will work with you to properly document your injury with the appropriate state or federal investigative agency.

Reporting rules differ depending on which investigative agency has jurisdiction over the maritime accident. In general, accidents occurring on the Ohio River in the Cincinnati harbor requiring treatment beyond first aid must be reported by the vessel operator to the Ohio Division of Natural Resources or the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Boating in the Cincinnati Harbor

Many boating accident cases involve passengers injured by careless operators. The accident does not have to involve one vessel striking another, or striking a fixed object. Hitting a wave at an excessive rate of speed can cause passengers to be thrown about the vessel. Boaters like to travel past Paul Brown Stadium, Great American Ballpark and travel further up river to Coney Island/Riverbend Music Center. These areas can be congested which results in choppy water and dangerous conditions.

Jet skis and other personal watercraft are subject to the same laws and regulations as larger speedboats. One such regulation designates a no wake or idle speed zone from sunset to sunrise on the Ohio River between the Daniel Beard Bridge (Big Mac Bridge) and Brent Spence Bridge (I-75 bridge). Commercial vessels are exempted from this regulation.

Ohio Administrative Code 1501:47-2-06 requires vessels to be operated as a safe speed and in a manner that avoids collisions. To determine what constitutes a save speed, factors such as visibility, traffic and water conditions are taken into account. Many other state and federal laws and administrative regulations pertain to boating on the Ohio River in the Cincinnati area.

If you have been injured while boating or riding on a pleasure craft in the Cincinnati Harbor, contact Steve Schletker to discuss your potential case. Steve will review your potential claim in a free initial consultation.